Why Choose Toro Lidiado Adjustable Articulating Arm Sports Sunglasses ?

Why Choose Toro Lidiado Adjustable Articulating Arm Sports Sunglasses ?

In Two Words: FRAME ADJUSTABILITY. Why is this important? Because our data clearly suggests that your needs change when you wear your hats and glasses for a prolonged period of time. It's having the ability to make changes to your glasses that gives Toro adjustable glasses a clear advantage.

So in addition to protecting your eyes, our especially designed articulating arms offer adjustability based on your need. You can have the frame as tight as a glove over the craniofacial contour of any given face and shape or wear them without them making any contact with your face at all. Our glasses can literally float over your eyes while anchoring on the hat brim.

Made for Sports and Leisure

No matter what kind of outdoor activity you’re doing, our sunglasses won’t slide off. They’ll stay clipped in place to your baseball cap. What’s more, our sunglasses are lightweight enough to be worn during a whole day of activity.

So you can wear them playing golf, baseball, tennis, running, fishing, canoeing and much much more.

Great Fit

You won’t have to settle for ill-fitting, uncomfortable sunglasses that pinch your nose as well as your ears. Toro Lidiado sunglasses are specially designed to be fully adjustable. They have articulating arms that ensure a comfortable fit.

Reduces Eye Strain

Will you be outside all day playing baseball or golf?  Our specially designed Polycarbonate, Polarized, Photochromic sunglasses will give you the eye protection you need from the long and harsh rays of the sun


You don’t have to bring an eyewear case with you on your run, hike or when playing a round of golf. When you don’t need them, Toro Lidiado sunglasses can easily be flipped up over the brim of your hat. The magnetic center strip makes putting them on and taking them off fast and easy.

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