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The First Hat-Mountable Frame Adjustable Sports Sunglasses on the Market

<strong>The First Hat-Mountable Frame Adjustable Sports Sunglasses on the Market</strong>

Say goodbye to sunglasses that never fit as well as they’re supposed to. Toro Lidiado is proud to offer a new line of sports sunglasses that are both stylish and innovative. Toro Lidiado eyewear can be adjusted perfectly to fit the contours of your face. In addition, its unique clip design allows all-day wear without the nose and ear fatigue that you get from traditional sunglasses.

Do your sunglasses keep falling off when sitting on top of your hat?
With Toro Lidiado eyewear, that won’t be a problem as the glasses are mounted on your caps for full stability.

Purchase a pair today and rediscover what it’s like to stand out in the crowd!

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Toro Lidiado sunglasses are attractive, convenient, functional, and original in design. We pay great attention to detail in the manufacturing of our products. As a result, our sunglasses are of the highest quality.


Our Mission

We aim to harmonize use of sunglasses and hats together unlike ever before. We plan to roll out our creatively designed glasses, popularize their use and make them synonymous with baseball style hats everywhere.

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