The Toro Lidiado Story

Toro Lidiado is a startup that was four years in the making. Our goal from the beginning was to address three simple issues for those who love their hats and sunglasses:

I. Ear fatigue

II. Bridge of nose fatigue/pinching

III. Glasses sliding off when kept above the hat brim with movement

Since 2018 we have been looking for solutions for these very issues. And since then we have made, modified, tested and done market research over and over again to find the right product. One which delivers on design as well as mechanics.

As pioneers in this super creative design we are proud to say that we have been able to obtain utility (US Patent No 10,935,811) as well as design patents for the Toro line of sports sunglasses.

But our creative design concepts don't just stop with the sunglasses. We have also introduced the first ever Hat Box for use of baseball style hats to protect your most precious hats from dust and damage.

We have also designed our award winning Minotaur statue store display to help with the presentation of these very visual line of sunglasses products for retail stores.

Here at Toro we strive to do all we can to make the hat and sunglasses experience an amazing one.

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